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Learning from Home

Home Education


What is Home-Based Education?

A home-based education program is a program based from home, directed by the parent(s), for their own children between the ages of 5 and 17 years of age. The Ministry of Saskatchewan's Home-Based Education: Policy and Procedures Manual is available to assist parents with fulfilling their legal responsibilities in regard to the registration and operation of home-based education programs. 

Home-based Education Program Regulations
Home-Based Education Q&A


When to register 

To receive financial reimbursement the student must be registered between August 15 – September 15 of each year.  Payments will be sent out the week of November 15.

Parents residing within the North East School Division boundaries who choose to provide a Home-based Education Program for their children must register with the North East School Division before beginning their program.

Home school registrations will be accepted all year. 


How to Register

Parents must complete the following two documents: (** each student will need a separate education plan)

REGISTRATION FORM/Notice of Intent- printable form; fillable form
Written Educational Plan and template.pdf

Mail To: North East School Division, Box 6000, Melfort, SK  S0E 1A0    Attention: Lorie Perrault


SCAN and EMAIL to: Lorie Perrault -


How to write an Educational Plan

The purpose of the written educational plan is for parents to demonstrate that they have a positive and constructive approach to the education of their children before beginning their home-based education program.

If you require assistance, our Home-Based Education Monitor, Cory Froehlich, is available to provide educational consultation to home-based educators as you prepare your written education plan.

A written education plan is required for each student in your family. 



** Each homeschool student is required to submit a year-end report to finalize that school year. 

DEADLINE for submission of Year-End report - June 15 of each school year. 

Payments will be sent out the week of August 15 - ONLY if reports are submitted by June 15.

Annual Report Template - from Saskatchewan Home-Based Educators 

Summarizing student progress and providing samples of student work is required at the end of the academic year as part of the partnership between the North East School Division and families who choose to provide Home based Education. This expectation is outlined in the Ministry of Education documents.

Payment of year-end funds will be issued no later than August 15. (if student was registered prior to September 15 of the previous school year.)

The following should be submitted to the division office as a year-end report:

  1. A report of progress in each area of study along with any test results.
  2. The periodic log that records educational experiences completed by the home-based learner.
  3. Minimal samples of student work from each area of study, one from the beginning of the year and one from near the end.

The intent of these samples is to show growth in learning. 
when possible all documents should be in a PDF format, with clear pictures of work samples. (we prefer pdf format versus paper documents) 

* Please ensure any student work submitted is a copy only. We keep files at the office for our records. The submissions will not be returned. 


Online School (students in grades 10-12) 

Students are ineligible for financial reimbursement if your student is in grade 10-12 and enrolled in the North East School Division ONLINE SCHOOL, or in another school division's online classes. 


Curriculum and Resources

  • You are welcome to set up borrowing privileges at your nearest school library and borrow books from there.
  • For all textbook inquiries, please contact Cory or Lorie at the phone/email address listed below. Textbooks are available for loan, dependent upon division availability.
  • E-text subscription at no cost for K to Gr. 9: Pearson School e-text is an easy-to-use database of content available to you anytime and anywhere that you have internet access. Students and parents log in using unique information to access all of their content.
    • You would receive an e-text for each subject available through Pearson at whichever grade level(s) you need. Your subscription would begin in September and end in August.
    • If your family would be interested in receiving an annual subscription to e-texts offered by the Canadian Pearson textbook company, please contact Lorie in June to sign up for the following year. 
  • Extra-Curricular/classroom options -  Though your family has chosen to homeschool, your child is still permitted to join the schools for extracurricular activities (ex: sports teams), some classes (ex: phys ed, band, etc.).  If this is of interest to your family, please call to discuss.
  • Saskatchewan Curriculum are available to view on the Saskatchewan Curriculum website.
  • Curriculum Corner on the North East School Division website is another resource for  curriculum related documents & materials.
  • SHBE - Saskatchewan Home-based Educators - this website has some good material to assist with homeschool content but has a membership fee.


Driver Training -  All 15 year olds are eligible for Driver Training offered by the North East School Division prior to July 31 of that year.  


High School Credit Opportunities - Transcript of Secondary Level Achievement

If your child is entering into grade 10 and you wish them to get provincially recognized credits for their classes, they will need to either enter the regular school system or take the courses on-line. This ensures that they have an academic standing when applying for post-secondary schooling.

  • Students wanting to obtain high school credits through a home-based education program can enroll through the North East School Division Online School.
  • Home-based students interested in courses offered at NESD should contact Cory Froehlich or Lorie Perrault. There is no cost to register in an online course, but there will be no annual Home-based remuneration.
  • Online classes are offered on a continuous intake basis. Students are allowed no more than two (2) classes at a time.


Secondary Education Credit Policy in Saskatchewan

Credit Requirements for Grade 10, 11, and 12
Program Credits
Compulsory Courses of Study Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
English Language Arts 2 1 2
Mathematics 1 1  
Science 1 1 at either a 20 or 30 level
Social Studies 1 1 at either a 20 or 30 level
Canadian Studies     1
Specific Areas of Study Grade 10 Grade 11 or 12
Health Education/Physical Education 1 at a 10, 20, or 30 level
Arts Education/Practical and Applied Arts 2 at a 10, 20, or 30 level
Electives between 3-6
Grade Standing Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
24 Credits in total to graducate Minimum of 9 credits Minimum of 16 credits must be attained Minimum 5 at 30 level


Contact the Homeschool Monitor, Cory Froehlich for the following inquiries: 

  • Assessments. If you feel your child requires a professional assessment, you must contact Cory to evaluate the need.
  • Once your child enters grade 9, you should contact Cory to discuss future educational plans and programming in regard to high school credit options.
  • Challenging a Ministry of Education Departmental Exam.  - In exceptional circumstances, permission may be granted to home-based students to challenge departmental exams at an earlier age (minimum 15 years of age). An official from the school division in which the home-based student is registered must send a letter of request to the Office of the Registrar. The letter of request acknowledges the student has covered the course material.


Contact Information

  • Cory Froehlich, Home-Based Education Monitor at 306-862-5303 - for information
  • Lorie Perrault at 306-752-5741 (ext.1) - to register
  • Email: 
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